Name Writing

Please click on the link below that takes you to a page where you can make your own child's name in dots. They can then practise writing over this to ensure correct formation of letters. Please remember that each letter starts in a particular place.
It must be in script font and you simply type their first name into tracer line 1 and their surname into tracer line 2 and print out.
It is important that firstly your child can recognise their own name when it is written down for them. We practice this daily by putting our names in a basket.
By the end of the reception year it is expected that the majority of children are able to write words from memory including their name-with most letters formed correctly.
We firstly focus on getting them to write their forename accurately. If you feel your child can do this then move onto their surname aswell.
 You can help your child with this in a number of ways such as getting them to write over their name made from dots/going over a highlighter pen. It is important that they form their letters correctly, starting the letter in the right place. We also need to ensure that your child does not include any uppercase letters in the middle of their name.


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