Parents often ask us how they can support their child's learning across the curriculum, whether its reading, writing, phonics or Problem Solving Reasoning and Numeracy (PSRN). Our children are so competent when it comes to I.C.T that we thought it would benefit you to know of a range of websites that they can use in order to support their learning.
Obviously this is not the only approach and we would never advocate replacing sharing stories,playing games etc with your child.
This features the Jolly Phonics songs that we use.
Scroll down and click on Interactive Phonics Presentation
Phonics Play-
This features lots of games to help with blending and segmenting and a parents section with useful tips.
Kented Website-
  This features some good activities to help your child with their blending/segmenting.
British Council Website- 
This particular page has an alphabet song on that the children enjoy. Also look on the British Council Webpage for different songs.
Busy Things-
A general EYFS webpage that also has some excellent phonics activities on (also useful for PSRN).
ICT Games-
http://www.ictgames.com/literacy.html (also useful for PSRN)
A website that gives you links to lots of other webpages that you may find useful. This website can also be used for PSRN.
BBC Schools/Bytesize
Coxhoe Durham
 Links to a whole range of websites for all different topics including literacy and numeracy.
A really useful website including an range of different activities for across the EYFS curriculum.
We hope that you find these useful and any feedback would be welcomed.


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