What have the school council done?

Raffle Ticket Prize


We were asked by Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Aston to think of an alternative prize for our raffle ticket draw on Fridays. As we are a healthy school, we decided that sweets and treats weren't the best way to go for our prizes, so we sent a letter to our Headteacher with some of our ideas! We then recieved a letter back and our idea of having a 'prize box' has been taken forward! Mrs. Harrison has filled a prize box with lots of exciting gifts for the raffle winners. The raffle ticket prize on Fridays will now be much healthier!

'Where we feel safe'- Follow up!

New Adventure Playground


The school council worked alongside the PTA to get a new adventure playground put onto both the junior and infant playground. The equipment is inaddition to our old adventure playground and has created a fantastic new space for our children here at Mossley. The children helped design the layout of the playground and decided on the equipment that it would be made up of by listening to the voices of their peers.

Positive Parking Tickets


The school council put their heads together to come up with a scheme that would promote 'thoughtful' parking outside our school. They listened to the voice of our neighbours and local residents and came up with a 'Positive Parking Ticket' scheme. They ran a competition to design a parking ticket that praised great parking. After selecting a winner (Well done Alice!!) the school council then went out along boundary lane in their high vis jackets and praised parking where it was due!

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