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'Grandpa' Secret Story Teller

Date: 8th Oct 2015 @ 4:51pm

What a wonderful surprise we had today, we had a 'Grandpa' Secret Story Teller, Emily's Grandpa came in to read us a lovely story called Rosie's Holiday written by Rachel Prank.

'Rosie doesn't want to go on holiday, she likes her own room and her own garden.  But when Rosie arrives and discovers the sea, boats and the beach, she finds that being on holiday is wonderful - and she doesn't want to leave!'

We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the adventures Rosie got up to on her holiday, the sights she saw and how she conquered her fear of trying something new and unfamiliar to discover what a great time she had.

Emily's Grandpa was a wonderful storyteller and we loved having the time to tell him all about our own holidays and where we have been in the world! smiley

A massive THANK YOU to 'Grandpa' for a super story time and we hope we get to see you again and listen to another story. yes

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