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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Languages at Mossley!

In September 2014, languages became a compulsory element of the primary curriculum. The teaching of a modern foreign language at Primary level provides pupils with an insight into another culture and lifestyle, a greater understanding of the manipulation of language as well as providing the foundation for continued learning at secondary school.

At Mossley, all pupils in KS2 learn French once a week with Madame Webb. Pupils enjoy learning about the culture of France and its language through songs, games and stories. Lessons are designed to engage pupils and a strong emphasis is placed on speaking French lower down the school; with UKS2 pupils having the opportunity to develop their skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Topics covered include basic greetings, numbers up to 100, pets, colours, food & drink, and family. 

Each KS2 class has their own class bear and diary in which they record the week they spend with the bear, including new French vocabulary and facts about French speaking countries. The children have lots of fun doing this and always enjoy sharing their new French word or phrase with the rest of the class.

At KS2, the new curriculum now places a greater importance on grammatical structures and written language. This year, pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 are taking part in a correspondence project with pupils from Lacey Green Primary Academy in Wilmslow. This has provided an authentic situation for them to write letters and other presentations in French. The children are having lots of fun getting to know their new pen pals and converse with them in French.

A variety of teaching methods are used including ICT, interactive resources, authentic material from France and books. Throughout the year, we celebrate festivals and events, which are observed in France. This will include celebrating the European Day of Languages, learning how Halloween, Christmas and Easter are celebrated in France. Each year we also have a Mardi Gras mask competition and the children also discover how the French celebrate their national day.

The classes also have a mascot in the form of “Marmot” who writes his own blog telling pupils facts about France and keeping them up to date with his adventures. You can find this at theadventuresofmarmot.wordpress.com - pupils enjoy following Marmot and are keen to research any questions he asks them on the blog.





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