Pinciples of Science.


We believe that science at Mossley CE Primary School should be both practical and investigative, wherever possible. Children will develop an understanding of the world around them, the building blocks of life and the physical processes that occur every day. With carefully planned practical experiences, children will develop the skills of scientific enquiry and draw conclusions about the world around them.


The Science Curriculum is taught through a series of themes which draw in a number of skills. Through firsthand experience children learn to observe, collect and sort data, question, predict and interpret findings.


Science enables children at Mossley School to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them through observation and investigation. Children work scientifically in a range of appropriate situations using a wide range of materials and equipment.


Science is planned from a starting point of the Congleton Education Community Partnership scheme – Science plans, which were developed as a joint venture with all the primary and high schools in Congleton, in line with the new national curriculum. Children are given the opportunity to work independently and as part of different sized co-operative groups.


Whenever possible, science is taught in a cross curricular way through topic work.


Trips to enhance the Science Curriculum and science visitors are planned wherever possible. These are invaluable experiences for all children, bringing science alive and making it relevant to the children.

If you would like further information about the curriculum Mossley School follows please feel free to speak with your child's class teacher or call the school office on 01260 272451





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