'Time for 2' Secret Story Teller

Date: 8th Oct 2015 @ 4:24pm

Wow how exciting we had a secret story teller today who had time to read not only one, but two stories!!!

Mrs Johnson, Molly's mummy came in to read today and began with a lovely little story about birthday parties and we ALL love a birthday party smiley . The story was from the 'Lettice' series written by Mandy Stanley and features a lovely little rabbit.

'Lettice the little rabbit is having a lovely time at a birthday picnic but then it starts to rain.  The party is going to be ruined....unless Lettice knows a truly magical place, where birthday wishes can come true?'

We all loved listening to the end of the story and had great discussions about our own memories of our most recent parties.

Luckily we had time for another story and Mrs Johnson read a Jez Alborough book called 'A Duck in a Truck'.

'This is the tale of a duck in a truck, a sheep in a jeep, a frog in a bush and a goat in a boat!'

It was very funny and we really loved the rhyming and tried to come up with some of our own the next day.


A huuuuugggggeeee THANK YOU to Mrs Johnson for coming in to read to us, we really enjoyed it yes

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