Crime And Consequences


The children had a brilliant time during their ‘Crime and Consequences’ workshop. They started the day by playing a game of Stop Thief! They had to pick another child to follow and do so without being spotted. They had lots of fun and some children were extremely good at keeping a poker face!

The children then learnt all about crimes and the punishments given during the Roman times. They learnt how a verdict was reached and discussed how biased this was. The children then looked at crimes and consequences from the Anglo-Saxons. This linked with lots of the topic work we have done in school and the children enjoyed playing the jury in court!

Next, they moved on to learning about the Tudor times. They learnt all about tithings and wergilds and acted out a scene in a Tudor court. When they reached the Victorian times, the children learnt about the different crimes committed and created freeze frames to portray these for their peers. They had lots of fun trying to spot the different crimes in the street scene freeze frames.

The children finished the day with an interactive game of hangman. They revisited words that they had learnt throughout the workshop such as magistrate, justice and torture. Lots of fun was had by all!


During the session, the children were given the given the following scenario…

Your teachers do not turn up for school…what do you think should happen?

The children created their own set of rules including things such as; All teachers should incur a £50 fine, The eldest boy and girl in the school should be in charge and everyone should leave and enter assembly in an orderly fashion.

We talked about how this is following the Rule of Law and we also discussed the importance of democracy and having the right to make that vote of law.

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