Year 3 visit Church and Baptize the class baby

We went to Church and met the vicar who taught us about Baptizm and how you have water put on your head in a cross and you say a prayer. We held baby Bob so he could be baptized, this allows him to be welcomed into the Christian faith (but, you can still be a Christian if you have not been baptized) It also allows God to forgive you when you are older. 

Report written by Dad aka Teague Forward Martin and Mum aka Lillia Barnett 

We were the Godparents and so got to sit at the front of the Church, we baptized two baby dolls, and we looked for our names in Jesus' handbook, if we had been baptized then our names would be in the book. We found a few of the children's names in our class. We got taught all about what the vicar has to prepare for a baptism and we really enjoyed our roles as Godparents.

Report written by Godfather aka Zachary Kitton and Godmother aka Ella Clack

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