Year 3 Miss Devereux & Mr Johnson: News items

Smiley face reward certificates, by Mrs Webb

Date: 19th Jul 2019 @ 4:30pm

Well done to all the pupils who were rewarded with a smiley face certificate in French for receiving the most smiley faces this term.

Children in Need, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 16th Nov 2018 @ 1:05pm

The children all looked amazing for Children in Need. Thank you so much for all of the generous donations and amazing cakes

Lest we Forget, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 9th Nov 2018 @ 11:16am

This week we have been remembering. 

Cross Country Competition, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 9th Nov 2018 @ 11:08am

The children were incredible in the primary schools year 3&4 cross country competition. Their determination was evident and we could not be prouder of their performances. All of the children finished within the first half of the racers. The girls achieved a 1st place, 4th and 7th, the boys achieved a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th against 120 other children!

School Safety Council out and about, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 18th Oct 2018 @ 9:14am

This morning our safety council was out and about on the local roads around school. They were observing road users and encouraging safety awareness and considerate driving. Thank you for your time, what great council members you are.

Winter Plant up. We're a Green flag school, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 15th Oct 2018 @ 10:06am

A big thank you and well done to all the children who were involved in the Congleton in Bloom winter plant up. The tubs will be in and around Congleton this autumn and winter. Thank you to Miss Hughes for organising this and taking the children.

Shadows in Year 3, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 11th Oct 2018 @ 3:46pm

Year 3 have been busily studying light and the effect that it has on shadows. They have looked at the position of a light sauce and how this affects the size of the shadows. They leanrt that early in the morning shadows were bigger.

Safety Council, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 12th Oct 2018 @ 9:41am

The children have been nominated to undertake the very important role of safety council members. As part of their role they will monitor road safety around the school area; liaise with our school safe guarding lead and assist with the development of safeguarding plans.

Walk like an Egyptian, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 9th Oct 2018 @ 11:25am

Year 3 have been exploring Ancient Eygpt during topic time. 

Calum passes jujitsu badge, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 2nd Jul 2018 @ 9:44am

Calum did really well in his recent jujitsu grading. Well Done

Year 3 turn Egyptian , by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 16th Feb 2018 @ 2:20pm

Year 3 worked so hard throughout their Egyptian topic. They showcased their worked to the parents and even performed a dance.


Handwriting and spelling evening, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 3rd Nov 2017 @ 9:07am

The recent handwriting and spelling evening received a good turn out. For anyone who missed it, please find attached a copy of the presentation.

Chocolate Rocks, by Miss Young

Date: 3rd Oct 2017 @ 3:15pm

Today the year 3 children have been learning all about rocks and how they are formed. We have used 3 different types of chocolate to help us make some chocolate rocks.

The children layered together dark, white and milk chocolate and applied pressure to form a sedimentary rock. The chocolate was then heated in the children's hands so the layers merged together to form a metamorphic rock. The layers were now mixed in and unclear to see. Mrs Ashford-Eaton and Miss Young then put their chocolate into boiling water and it melted. We then took it out and let it solidify again to form an igneous rock.

Stone Age goings on..., by Miss Young

Date: 2nd Oct 2017 @ 8:40pm

Today Miss Young and Mrs Ashford-Easton made a strange discovery in the school woods. It looked like someone had been living there! The children put on their wellies and began their adventure into the woods to see what was going on.


On the way into the woods, the children noticed that the apples from the school grounds seemed to have gone and so had some of the nettles...had they been foraged? As the journey took us deeper into the woods, we saw something in the clearing was an animal skin that looked like it had been left to dry.


To our surprise, we then found a frag,net of a woolly mammoth tusk! Who on earth had put these in the woods? After much consideration, the Year 3 children decided that we must have been invaded by a Stone Age tribe! It also looked like they had tried to draw some cave paintings and build a fire to keep them warm and cook their food.


We went back into school to leave the Stone Age camp in peace and the children have written some super diary entries to explain what we found on our adventures today. 😊

Year 3 trip to Clonter Opera!, by Miss Young

Date: 20th Sep 2017 @ 2:13pm

On Tuesday, we came to school full of jumping beans! We took a short bus journey to Clonter Opera and we were all very excited. When we arrive, we were taken into a rehearsal room and met a lady called Laura who was the musical director! She introduced us to some of her friends who were opera singers. They taught us some of their songs and we joined in and sang beautifully!

After we had exhausted ourselves learning lots about opera and the amazing songs, we were given some yummy juice and biscuits! After our refreshments, we went into a designing space that hard chairs fit for a Queen! There was a mini opera stage set out in the shape of a small cardboard box. We all designed our own stage thinking about different themes such as a spooky house or a tropical island. We then worked as a group to make our own miniature set. After we had finished we had the chance to choose our own lighting that we thought would be appropriate for out set.

We stopped and had a quick break for lunch just in time to be seated in the fabulous auditorium ready to watch a little bit of the opera. We watched the 4 people we met in the morning perform and they were amazing. At the end we had a singing competition against some other schools and we joined in with the opera singers. They said it was a draw!

We had an absolutely fantastic day and we even showed our singing in assembly!

Year 3 visit Church and Baptize the class baby, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 29th Mar 2017 @ 1:28pm

We went to Church and met the vicar who taught us about Baptizm and how you have water put on your head in a cross and you say a prayer. We held baby Bob so he could be baptized, this allows him to be welcomed into the Christian faith (but, you can still be a Christian if you have not been baptized) It also allows God to forgive you when you are older. 

Report written by Dad aka Teague Forward Martin and Mum aka Lillia Barnett 

We were the Godparents and so got to sit at the front of the Church, we baptized two baby dolls, and we looked for our names in Jesus' handbook, if we had been baptized then our names would be in the book. We found a few of the children's names in our class. We got taught all about what the vicar has to prepare for a baptism and we really enjoyed our roles as Godparents.

Report written by Godfather aka Zachary Kitton and Godmother aka Ella Clack

Year 3 design and make their own ancient civilizations , by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 23rd Mar 2017 @ 10:07am

Within their groups the children had to design their own ancient civilizations, based on the knowledge they have developed during lessons. Once their designs were finalised they embarked on making them out of clay. They were very impressive.

Year 3 become animal handlers, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 2nd Mar 2017 @ 12:59pm

Today the year 3 children had fun in their science day. They all got to handle the animals and leanrt lots about them. How great do they look?




Year 3 Hanukkah, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 25th Jan 2017 @ 10:06am

Today in R.E we ate potato cakes to show how much oil is in the lamp. We made a dreidel because it is a jewish symbol game/spinning top. We learnt that Hanukkah is an 8 day celebration that celebrates the Jewish win against the Greeks years ago. The Hanukkah is 8 days because the oil in the lamp burnt for 8 days, however it was only supposed to last for 1 day it was a miracle. Report written By Jack White Year 3


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