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Extracting DNA During Science, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 18th Oct 2019 @ 1:50pm

Our science club had so much fun spending the afternoon extracting DNA from peas, lettuce, bananas and pineapple. 

Harvest Festival, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 17th Oct 2019 @ 3:22pm

We celebrated Harvest Festival together, sharing songs, prayers and poems.

Year 1 love Jodrell Bank, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 10th Oct 2019 @ 10:16am

Year 1 learnt so much during their trip to Jodrell Bank and had great fun whilst they were there.

FABS Club Cooking up a Storm, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 10th Oct 2019 @ 11:05am

Every Wednesday our FABS club (on site wraparound care club) have cooking fun and all learn different skills, we just love cooking!

Year 2 Enjoy a trip to Knowsley Safari, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 2nd Oct 2019 @ 12:19pm

As part of their Africa topic the children explored the safari.

Year 6 Experience Chemistry with Cabbages, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 1st Oct 2019 @ 10:36am

Year 6 had a great time learning about chemistry through experiments with cabbages.

Head Boy, Head Girl and Their Deputies, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 20th Sep 2019 @ 12:26pm

The year 6 children wrote and presented some amazing speeches in a bid to be voted Head boy and girl. It was a close competition but we would like to congratulate Fin as our new head boy and Jack as his deputy and Maisey as our head girl and Lilia as her deputy.

Thank you Letter, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 20th Sep 2019 @ 3:12pm

We wrote cards and letters to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to congratulate them on the birth of their son. The children were thrilled to receive a lovely thank you letter and card back.

Year 6 Enjoy a strum, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 20th Sep 2019 @ 3:14pm

Year 6 all gathered around enjoying each others company having a sing in the sun.

Smiley face reward certificates, by Mrs Webb

Date: 19th Jul 2019 @ 4:30pm

Well done to all the pupils who were rewarded with a smiley face certificate in French for receiving the most smiley faces this term.

Super singing from year 6 in French!, by Mrs Webb

Date: 19th Jul 2019 @ 4:15pm

Year 6 pupils enjoyed singing some of their old favourite French songs (some from their time in Reception!) during their last French lesson at Mossley! Au revoir et bonne chance!

Junior Safety Officer Award Best in Cheshire, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 19th Jul 2019 @ 11:48am

We have been awarded Junior Safety Officer Award  Best in Cheshire. This is an award issued by Cheshire Constabulary and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service to our safety officers for being best in Cheshire. Well done!

Amazing KS2 Production, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 17th Jul 2019 @ 10:37am

We are so proud of all of the children who performed in the end of year production. They were amazing!

Year 6 Stepping into Business, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 10th Jul 2019 @ 11:18am

Our year 6 children took part in a Stepping into Business challenge. They created a menu and opened a restaurant, serving year 6 parents. The children prepped and cooked all of the menu and served it. They were absolutley incredible and managed to raise £794.30 to leave as a gift for the next year 6 class to spend.

Year 4 enjoy a science trip, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 2nd Jul 2019 @ 2:26pm

A group of year 4 children were given the opportunity to be taught by scientists from Astra Zeneca and what fun they had.

Year 1 Visit Style Mill, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 20th Jun 2019 @ 2:39pm

Year 1 really enjoyed their trip to Style Mill.

May King and Queen Crowning Success, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 20th May 2019 @ 12:11pm

The crowning of our May King and Queen was a great evening. We were entertained by dancers; listened to our choir give us a sneak peak of the songs from the end of year show. We managed to raise a total of £2800 for our PTA.

Year 4 enjoy their York Residential, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 29th Apr 2019 @ 12:40pm

The year 4 were kept very busy on their recent residentila to York where they learnt all about Romans.

Year 6 study the Old and New Testament, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 26th Apr 2019 @ 12:59pm

Our year 6 have spend time learning and acting out the Old and New Testament. They enjoyed presenting their work to the rest of the school during assembly.


Year 6 Enjoy Chester Zoo, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 26th Apr 2019 @ 2:02pm

The children had great fun at Chester Zoo as part of their care for the planet topic.

Year 2 have a great time on their residential, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 26th Apr 2019 @ 3:02pm

Year 2 loved their 1 night residential adventure to Lacheswood

Year 1 Bog Baby, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 5th Apr 2019 @ 10:40am

Year 1 have been searching for our resident 'Bog Baby' who lives in our school woods. They have created their own version of the Bog Baby and designed an ideal habitat.

Year 6 Science Club, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 5th Apr 2019 @ 10:31am

Year 6 loved their time during science where they extracted DNA from kiwi fruit.

Year 5 host a Space Museum, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 5th Apr 2019 @ 10:35am

Year 5 were amazing when they hosted a Space Museum recently. They invited their parents into school and showed off all of their hard work. 

PCSO Road Safety, by Mrs Knibbs

Date: 1st Apr 2019 @ 2:14pm

We have been working alongside our local PCSO to learn about road safety.

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